• Traintrack Style for Eyebrows

    Sold By: trendkw

    How to use :

    The first step to using a brush style
    Make-up, thinning it, arranging its shape, and raising the eyebrow for me above, in two dimensions, we degrease the number one substance, distribute it, raise the eyebrow, and cover the eyebrow with nylon for 4 minutes

    The second step is nylon pickle and cotton, in which we pluck the material number one, and we wipe raise the eyebrow for me over Mo under so that it remains standing after we distribute Article No. 2 and comb the eyebrow for me on top and cover it with nylon for 20 minutes

    The third step, we wipe the material number 2 with a pluck of May and comb the eyebrow for me above and lower the article number 3, which is a moisturizing cream and combed me on top and treatment every 3 female desire, which cuts the eyebrows

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