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    Spoons of wild acacia honey
    Talh honey is one of the best medicinal honey
    The most comprehensive of them on earth.

    Also, honey is considered rare for two reasons: the first is the scarcity of acacia trees, and the second is because acacia trees grow in an arid desert environment.

    The acacia tree belongs to the family of thorns, and is considered a tree associated with the desert heritage and the life of the Bedouin man in his travels and travels, a symbol of the desert environment and Bedouin authenticity.

    It grows in the Gulf countries, Sudan, Ethiopia, and Saharan countries in general.

    The taste of acacia honey is unusual, due to its lack of sweetness and its taste is considered rather sharp. This is considered an advantage because the more severe the acacia honey, the greater the concentration of the acacia flower in the honey.

    Country of origin: the desert of Ethiopia.

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    Some of the benefits of acacia honey:

    1 – It increases the efficiency of the immune system
    – 2 – Very useful for the digestive system in general, especially for the following diseases: (stomach ulcers – indigestion – colon – esophageal reflux – germs of the stomach – constipation – diarrhea).
    3- It is useful for symptoms of iron deficiency and anemia patients because it contains high amounts of iron
    4- Very useful for preventing heart disease, cancer patients, and for public health in general, because it contains high levels of antioxidants.
    5- Natural liver tonic
    6- It regulates blood sugar and stimulates the pancreas.
    7- An effective natural aphrodisiac and one of the best ways to increase fertility naturally.
    8- Facilitates the birth process for a pregnant woman who is due to give birth
    9- It is one of the least sweet honey containing sucrose
    10-Contains vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, tubercle magnesium and others.

    It is considered one of the most suitable honey:

    1- For general digestive problems

    2- For diabetics

    3- Pregnant women

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    Spoons of white mountain honey
    White honey is considered one of the most delicious honey ever, and it is considered one of the best therapeutic honey.
    White honey is extracted from the flower of vinaigrette or (Cinnefoyne), which grows in the high mountains of Kyrgyzstan.

    Country of origin: Kyrgyzstan

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    Benefits of white honey:

    1- It strengthens the bones and joints
    2- Excellent for enhancing memory
    3- It is considered an effective aphrodisiac, especially for men
    4- Very effective for athletes, especially before physical exertion
    5- It increases the efficiency of the immune system
    6- Good for the respiratory system, as it is excellent for coughing and throat irritation
    7- It is remarkably anti-bacterial and anti-fungal
    8- Contains minerals: zinc, high phosphorous and other minerals

    Among the most suitable honey:
    1- For athletes
    2- For the elderly
    3- For the respiratory system

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    Wild flower honey
    Bees extract this type of honey from multiple flowers that bloom at a close time, and the season of this honey is usually in the spring.
    Wildflower honey is considered one of the most beneficial honey for immunity because bees extract pollen from multiple flowers. The pollen grains multiply in honey, and there are many kinds of them from different trees and flowers.

    Country of origin: Pakistan

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    Among the benefits of wild flower honey:
    1- Useful for raising the efficiency of the immune system
    2- The most appropriate honey given to children over the year
    3- An excellent substitute for sugar to sweeten drinks and foods
    4- It strengthens and softens the skin if used topically
    5- Excellent for fighting acne and burns
    6- Rich in antioxidants
    7- It contains various vitamins and minerals

    One of the most suitable honey for children over 12 months old

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